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Pilbeam MP97
620 bhp Judd EV

This is our new racing car, currently under construction. Being built by Pilbeam Racing Designs in Bourne, using one of their carbon fibre tubs and their latest (2009) spec aero and suspension package. The engine is a 4-litre Judd EV pushing out over 600bhp, mated to a Ricardo 500Nm gearbox. The box is a six-speed sequential utilising a Geartronics pneumatic paddle shift system. All major structural items are being built by Pilbeam, with the wiring, fuel and water plumbing being completed by me - using my knowledge from our previous cars. Currently hoping to have it all ready for the 2009 British Hillclimb Championship season.

The Ricardo 500Nm gearbox.

The 4-litre Judd EV. Currently undergoing a little modification to the inlet trumpets and map to match the exact spec of our previous engine.