31. Married. Car nut. Degree in Mechanical Eng from Loughborough University.
Chartered Engineer and Member of the IMechE.
Associate of the Chartered Mangement Institute.
I can weld, machine, fabricate, hammer, inadvertently set fire to things and randomly get hurt by hot bits of metal!

Pilbeam MP72
Pilbeam MP58
Ray FFord
Talbot Sunbeam Ti
Scimitar SE5a
Talbot Horizon
Chapman Mercury 3
Lotus Elise
BMW 323i

BMW 530D
Triumph Gloria Southern Cross
Triumph Gloria Railton Special
Morgan 3-wheeler Super-Sports
Westfield Pre-lit

And subsequently I've absorbed far too much useless information about all the cars above. For example, I've learnt what front ball joints an Elise uses, what Pilbeam wheel bearings are, how to set the tappets on a Coventry Climax engine and a Talbot Horizon engine, how to time a Chevy, how to make you 530D BM go very fast, how to fit Hillman Imp brakes to a Morgan, how to keep a Scimitar cool, how to MIG and Arc weld, how to machine aluminium and steel parts, how to change the exhaust and lambda sensor on an Elise, how to fit a DTA engine management system and set it up, how to design an oil system for a Judd engine so it has proper oil pressure, how to fit and jet four IDA Webers on a Chevy, how to align an engine and gearbox properly, how to solve electrical problems, where to get proper water hose that isn't blue (!!!!), how to almost roll a Talbot Horizon, how to do a swedish flick in a Talbot Sunbeam, how to check measure and clean a triple plate AP carbon clutch, how to solder back together a 3 series BM's HVAC control unit, how not to fit a crushable spacer in a Scimitar axle, what happens when an engine runs on brake fluid, why you can't place a liner over a big hole in a Chevy block, where to buy Judd spark plugs cheaply.........

BUT, I still can't part-off things on my lathe without something going drastically wrong!!!!!

Still hunting for Chapman Mercury 4...............